Chris Hytha and Mark Houser are collaborators on Highrises: Art Deco, a multimedia series chronicling the great skyscraper edifices of the roaring ‘20s. Photographed by drones and meticulously measured and researched, the series – a book, prints, website, mobile phone wallpaper and exhibition -- reveals fascinating details and stories of these distinctly American icons. Catch the in-person book talk on July 18 and the exhibition from May 31 to August 26 at the Chicago Architecture Center.



Intro/Outro: “High Rise” by Ladytron



MultiStories: 55 Antique Skyscrapers and the Business Tycoons Who Built Them

The DJI Air 2S Drone

Highrises Art Deco: 100 Spectacular Skyscrapers from the Roaring ‘20s to the Great Depression

Henry W. Oliver Building, Pittsburgh, D.H. Burnham, 1910

Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln, Bertram Goodhue, 1932

Public Market > Modern Spirits Liquor Store, Tulsa, Gaylord Noftsger, 1930

Monadnock Building, Chicago, Burnham & Root, Holabird & Roche, 1891-1893

Eastern Columbia Building, Los Angeles, Claud Beelman, 1930

Mather Tower > Club Quarters Hotel, Chicago, Herbert Riddle, 1928

Union & Peoples National Bank > Jackson County Tower, Jackson, MI, Albert Kahn, 1929

Frick Building, Pittsburgh, D.H. Burnham, 1902

The Woolworth Building, New York, Cass Gilbert, 1913

Price Tower, Bartlesville, OK, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1956

Sterick Building, Memphis, Wyatt C Hendrick & Co, 1930

Industrial Trust Building, Providence, George Frederick Hall, Walker & Gillette, 1927

Guardian Building, Detroit, Donaldson & Meier; Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, 1929

Fisher Building, Detroit, Albert Kahn Associates; Graven & Mayger, 1928

Carbide & Carbon Building, Chicago, Burnham Brothers, 1929

Foshay Tower, Minneapolis, Hooper & Janusch; Magney & Tusler, 1929

Rand Tower, Minneapolis, Holabird & Root, 1929

Kansas City Power & Light Building, Kansas City, Hoit, Price & Barnes, 1931