Zachary Balber is a photo artist who has been a frequent presence in the Miami contemporary art circuit exhibition since he got his BFA in Creative Photography at the University of Florida, New World School of the Arts, in 2009. His work has also been included in several American private and institutional collections.

Intimate Stranger is a photographic series produced in Miami by Zachary Balber between 2013 and 2020. Zachary has
created 150 photos in which he has taken, very rapidly and without authorization, self-portraits during photo sessions of high-end real estate, in various poses, and in various degrees of undress.


Intro/Outro: "Balls" by Sparks



“Photography: The Middle Class Medium”

Family Propaganda Portraits


Bruce Weber

Susan Sontag

Cindy Sherman

Walker Evans

Loriel Beltran


Antonio Navarette

” > Richard Avedon: Nastassja
Kinski and the Serpent

Brene Brown


Alfred Dupont Building,
downtown Miami

> “Wynwood West


“Navigating through the excuses became part of the performance.”

“The image is more important than the reality it captures.”

“You are poking at people who can squish you.”

“Is taking a picture a crime?”

“I erase myself into these interiors.”

“I left with all the conceptual goodies I could fathom.”

“Interior decorating choices like a bad mixtape…With all of the
resources at your disposal, this was your choice?”

“Buildings will eventually be like a Mr. Potato Head, with interchangeable parts.”

“Documenting architecture and fine art, I can map the gentrification that has happened in the last few years.”