At the intersection of A.I. and timber,
expect new tessellations and kinetic results. Unfrozen interviews Mykola Murashko, a 23-year-old Cambridge graduate who, with Carlo Ratti, founded Maestro, a software-powered construction company whose initial projects feature precision-cut timber panels, optimized by artificial intelligence.


Intro: The Cutter, by Echo and the Bunnymen





Blank: Speculations on CLT: Jennifer Bonner & Hanif Kara

MIT Senseable City Lab


ETH Zurich Robotics Aesthetics & Usability Center

AGO Modina - adaptive reuse in which an A.I.-designed steel kinetic roof covering the courtyard - using digitally fabricated components.

Alpine stone bivouacs

What’s the best tessellation?

What’s the best kinetic result?


Outro: The Trees, by Pulp