The third and final installment of the Biennale Breakdown is at hand: We speed-ran the national pavilions so you don’t have to. Here’s the rundown on our 16 most notable national showings, complete with two interviews of the curators of Latvia and Canada pavilions, all in less than 50 minutes.


Intro/Outro: “Natural’s
Not in It
,” by Gang of Four




Austria: Partecipazione / Beteiligung

Switzerland: Neighbors

South Korea: 2086: Together How?

The Netherlands: Plumbing the System

USA: Everlasting Plastics

Bahrain: Sweating Assets

UAE: Aridly Abundant

Applied Arts Pavilion: Victoria & Albert Museum – Tropical Modernism

Australia: Unsettling Queenstown

Germany: Open for Maintenance

Uzbekistan: Unbuild Together

Czech Republic: The Office for a Non-Precarious Future

Latvia: T/C LATVIJA (TCL): Interview with curator Ernests Cerbulis

            Intro/Outro:“Lost in the Supermarket,” by The Clash

Estonia: Home Stage

Canada: Not for Sale!!: Interview with curators Matthew Soules and Adrian Blackwell

            Intro/Outro: “New Home” by Toro y Moi