The Nakagin Capsule Tower, among the few large structures to emerge from the Japanese Metabolism movement, was barely 50 years old when it was demolished in September 2022, after years of neglect and debate. Unfrozen interviews visual artist Noritaka Minami and curator Iker Gil, who have staged the exhibition 1972/Accumulationsat MAS Context in Chicago, on display through December 8.



Space Oddity” by David Bowie



Japanese Metabolism

1960 Tokyo World Design Conference

1970 World’s Exposition, Osaka

1972 – Nakagin Capsule Tower book

Kisho Kurokawa, architect of the Nakagin Capsule Tower

Tomio Ohashi photos

Tatsuyuki Maeda> Capsule Tower Preservation and Restoration Project > Nakagin Capsule Tower: The Last Record

MAS Context Analog 2016

Galen Pardee / Drawing Agency

Kisho Kurokawa’s only building in the USA is in Chicago: the Illinois Center Sporting Club

Marina City, one of Nakagin Capsule Tower’s inspirations