Dan and Greg recap the highs and lows of the first full year of Unfrozen – 33 episodes – and look ahead to 2023.

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Intro/Outro: “Our Lips are Sealed,” by The Go-Go’s


- A high number of episodes devoted to Peter Rees, the former chief planner of the City of London

o Episode 37: The City is Here for You to Use

o Episode 22: The Engine Room, the City, and Color Commentary

o Episode 21: This is London: Rees Reminiscences

- Stats and demographics

- Fan fave episodes: tied for 125 plays each:

o Episode 32: Future Storage: From Mineral Extraction to Data Forestry (Marina Otero)

o Episode 31: Emergent Tokyo (Jorge Almazan)

- Greg’s favorites:

o Episode 13: What Fresh McMansion Hell is This? (Kate Wagner)

o Episode 26: Big Time (Patrick MacLeamy)

o Episode 27: A Skyscraper Superfan Aims High (Changsub Lee)

o Episode 34: Chicago: Two Guides, One Cast (Laurie Petersen, Vladimir Belogolovsky

o Episode 41: Imagine a City (Mark Vanhoenacker)

o Episode 43: Who is the City For? (Blair Kamin)

- Dan’s favorites:

o Episode 42: 1972: A Spatial Oddity (Noritaka Minami, Iker Gil)

- Guest & adventure pipeline for 2023

o Juan Miro, Miro Rivera Architects on windowless dormitories

o Andrew Shanken – author, The Everyday Life of Memorials

o Andmore Partners – Architects as Developers

o Dan in Hradec Kralove, Czechia

o Greg: The Metaverse Metropolis @ Cornell Tech Urban Hub

o What is the Figma of Autodesk?

o Zach Katz – Transform Your City