It's a rambler, folks, but full of nuggets:

Intro: "Tunnel of Love" by Dire Straits

- Can BIG Transcend Bjarke?

- Angry Foursomes, Unwieldy Threesomes in Rock and Architecture

- Sole proprietors aspiring to be corporate

- The Holland Tunnel aspiring to be the Lincoln Tunnel

- A Section of Now at the CCA

- Department of Care is a thing

- Walton in Buffalo, Wu in Boston, call it a draw?

- George Floyd died in a bike lane, or, infrastructure ain't shit without access

- Clearing the block in Baltimore

- Child care = infrastructure

- Ballooning costs of built and social infrastructure - The Economist (subscription required)

- California Dreaming > I want my TGV

- Gateway Tunnel

- GoJek, the Gateway Drug of Mobility Apps

- IBC says no to green at NAHB's bequest?

- Get in the GPIT

- Ghost Kitchens in Dark Cities

- CoMotion report card

- Lindsay's Law

- Wolf & Crane

Outro: "Walking in LA" by Missing Persons