Greg and Dan host Eva Hagberg, author of “Dark Nostalgia,” “How to be Loved,” and the upcoming “When Eero Met His Match”.

Intro: “The Letter,” by The Box Tops


· Eero and Aline: “They met and immediately started banging”… and launched the modern world of Architecture PR

· “Publicists make their jobs look a lot harder than they are”

· Don’t piss off OTTO and ESTO

· “I blew my entire advance on seven Iwaan Baan photos”

· A Union SHoP?

o Tyler Goss cut the cord

· Architecture Twitter vs Instagram

o Guest crit

o Kevin Rogan

o Michael “Freecondo”

o “They were all talking about Henri Lefebvre, which makes me feel like a Boomer”

o Dank Lloyd Wright

o Zoolander’s Center for Ants

o Boy’s Firm

o The Architecture Lobby

· The New Sincerity goes mainstream: Lesley Lokko curates Venice 2023

· Casting the “When Eero Met His Match” movie

· “Letters are sexting through the centuries.”

· Undoing the primacy of the image

Outro: “We Used to Wait,” by The Arcade Fire