Justin Hui is an architect, artist and photographer who researches topics of land development, borders, globalization and memory. His recent projects are New Territories, which explores the changing landscape of Hong Kong’s northern frontier, and Urban Africa, Made in China, which tracks the phenomenon of Chinese companies constructing infrastructure and buildings across Africa, modeled after China’s urban development. 



Intro/Outro: “Territories” by Rush




Hong Kong’s New Territories: Northern Metropolis and Lantau Island

Greater Bay Area


Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Debt-Driven Construction Binge > Skyscraper Ban

TAZARA Railway – Dar es Salaam to the Zambian Copper Belt

China in Africa - colonialism or globalization?

Africa’s Urban Future: “Made in China”

Gated cities in Angola and Kenya

Exporting Special Economic Zones (SEZs) > Zambia

Made in China > Made in Africa, Mexico

You get what you pay for

Vincent Lo – Shui On Group

Ronnie Chan -- Hang Lung Group - 66 Projects

The podium + tower model as export commodity, rising in Long Island City, Flushing and Jersey City

Hudson Yards is very analogous to a Asian shopping mall

Steven Holl - Sliced Porosity - Chengdu