Unfrozen welcomes Brian Goldstein, the author of “The Roots of Urban Renaissance: Gentrification and the Struggle Over Harlem.” Goldstein is a historian of the American built environment and an associate professor of architectural history in the Department of Art and Art History at Swarthmore College. Previously, he was assistant professor in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico and an A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for the Humanities and the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received his PhD from Harvard University in 2013. 


Intro/Outro: “Across
110th Street
” by Bobby Womack



ARCH – Architects Renewal Committee in Harlem

            J. Max Bond Jr. > Bond Ryder & Associates > Davis Brody Bond

            East Harlem Triangle Plan

            Morningside Park Plan


“Second Harlem Renaissance” of the 1990s > Magic Johnson’s investor group arrival > Harlem USA


Bill Clinton office in Vincent Building, 125th St


Harlem Commonwealth Council (HCC) <> James Dowdy


Empowerment Zones


Harlem State Office Building,  a.k.a. Reclamation Site # 1


Robert Moses > Urban Renewal


Gov. Nelson Rockefeller + Edward Loeb, Urban Development Corp. (now Empire State Development)


Harlem Urban Development Corp.


Brownstone de-densification


Pathmark, closure and sale to Extell > Whole Foods > Target and Trader Joe’s


Community Land Trusts (CLTs) – one possible legacy of 1960s planning and architecture activism


Abyssinian Development Corp. – Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts III


Melvin Mitchell