Unfrozen interviews Stefan Al, author, Supertall, founder, Stefan Al Architects, designer of Canton Tower, Guangzhou with Information Based Architecture (IBA).

Intro/Outro: ?History Rhymes,? by Empty City Squares


Technology: The role of technologies: concrete, elevators, air conditioning and dampers

Society: Culture, social preferences, zoning, aesthetics

The succession of events that led to today?s skyscrapers

New York ? zoning

London ? view corridors

Hong Kong ? transit-oriented development

Singapore ? vertical greenery

?History rhymes?

?Progress traps?

Easter Island, Prometheus, and Pandora?s Box

Irregular paths to inventions

Carrier inventing air conditioning when trying to solve printing issues

Using an Oregon optometrist?s office to test potential swaying of the World Trade Center, New York City, in 1965

Rafael Vinoly ? 432 Park and the boat-pilot sway / chandelier test

Icebergs, Zombies and the Ultra-Thin by Matthew Soules

Digital Monuments by Simone Brott

Reflexive practitioners