Silicon Valley prides itself on "innovation" and "disruption," and its products are meant to drive "sharing" and "collaboration," but the architecture it builds can be stunningly conservative and insular.

From the Unfrozen 1.0 post, May 28, 2013


Intro: “I Know Where the Summer Goes,” by Belle and Sebastian

Too Much, the Magic Bus

[“Magic Bus,” by The Who]

Casual Collisions

[“Strangers When We Meet,” by David Bowie]

Will Code for Pizza

[“Pizza Butt,” by MC Chris]

Let’s Hang Out / Don’t Look at Me

Arrested Development

[“Arrested Development,” by David Schwartz]

I Want The Best – Whatever That Is

[“The Best,” by Tina Turner]

He’s The Guru of the City / No One Told the Councilor

[“I Know Where the Summer Goes,” by Belle and Sebastian]

Stand In the Place Where You Are

[“Stand,” by R.E.M.]

I Liked It So Much, I Bought the City

[“Viva Las Vegas,” by Elvis Presley]

Outro: “Back in the Box,” by David Byrne