Designers, urbanists, public policy advocates, and any others are who would join the Urban Technology Program at the University of Michigan are “hopeful monsters” & “strange creatures.” Meet their leader.

Guest: Bryan Boyer, Director, Urban Technology Program, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan // Co-founder, Dash Marshall

Intro: “Hopeful Monsters,” by Charlie Nieland


· Architecture firms grow a spine (?) over Russia v. Ukraine: Is it a moral stand, or admission they won’t get paid? And yet, many are still working for the Saudis, on NEOM and such projects.

· Helsinki Design Lab

· Brickstarter

· The Most Important Mile

· Imagining Future Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles

· People Party- Generating scale figures for renderings that look like their communities

· Brute-Force Architecture - “Look at all these things that we didn’t choose” >> Exhaust failure. If architecture labor was more expensive, would that be possible?

· George Gilder and the Early Cloud – “Conserve what is expensive, waste what is abundant.”

· Architechie


· WSJ – REEF bought the wrong lots

· Renew Newcastle (Australia)

· Participatory City (London)

· Outro: “Freedom of Choice,” by Devo