Dan and Greg reunite again in person, in Greg’s adopted home city of Montreal. Witness Greg’s Unified Theory of Montreal Modernism. Featuring music by artists of, from, by, with Montreal, or Canada, or topically adjacent planes of existence.


Intro: “Don't Let Me Die in America,” by Of Montreal

- Canadian Centre for Architecture’s “A Section of Now

[“Safety Dance,” by Men Without Hats]

- St. Joseph’s Oratory, the Space-Rockiest Basilica in the World

[“2112: The Temples of Syrinx,” by Rush]

[“Montreal Lumiere” by Expo 67]

- The Unified Theory of Montreal Modernism

[“Emerge,” by Fischerspooner]

- Hype and Drop Culture, or “Hey Buddy, Want to buy a Moonwatch?”

- Greg and Dan play “What’s in my Bag?” at the CCA

- Greg mistakes Dan’s reference to the nearest Target being in Plattsburgh, New York, and assumes he is talking about military targets, which leads to a discussion on nuclear war.

[“War Games,” by Gary Numan]

- Dan prefaces a journey to the world’s largest log cabin

Outro: “All That,” by Sparks