Greg reports from Houston, where he and Richard Florida had some stage-sharing to do. Dan recounts a jaunt to the Canadian Riviera and Pacific Northwest, where mass timber is on the rise. Then on to demolitions, what’s on the bookshelf, future guests, future guesses….




Livin’ on the Edge (of Houston),” by Reverend Horton Heat


Richard Florida's slightly altered new jam: Live Work Play Connect. Build multifamily, family-oriented apartments of appropriate size, while you’re at it.


Mass Timber Conference: Jeanne Gang can hack it – literally

Explore ‘22 – Expedia Conference at Aria, Las Vegas

Band recs (or wrecks)

Durbin Renewal” – The US Government’s landlord, GSA, wants to demolish two buildings from the 1910s because they present a “security risk” to the Dirksen Federal Building, which has been there since 1964. An Illinois senator just found $52 million to make it happen.

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, finally bites the dust.

The stolen bicycle is in the basement of the Ford Foundation, with the built-in brass ashtrays in the auditorium…

This kerfuffle in Northwest Arkansas

Green Obsession – Stefano Boeri Architetti

Celebrating Public Architecture – Success of open architecture competitions in Flanders, Belgium

Supertall – Sfefan Al

Truth and Lies in Architecture – Richard Francis-Jones

Crypto-Schadenfreude and the Electric Bull


Outro: “Song for America,” by Destroyer