For a truly philosophical take on the role of the architect in the post-truth era, Unfrozen interviews Richard Francis-Jones, author of Truth and Lies in Architecture.

Intro: ?Telling Lies,? by David Bowie


Architecture?s ambiguous relationship to truth.

The criteria that make a building worthy of love.

How can architecture bring us closer to nature?

Architecture is ?never neutral nor innocent. There is a mutual interconnection between architecture and the events around it.?

?Eternal principles? or a classicist, colonialist trap?

Ex Machina and the consciousness of materials

Locaton and Vassal

Tsien and Williams

John Keats

Aldo Rossi

Richard Lepastrier

Louis Kahn

David Chalmers

The EY Centre, Sydney

The negative critique culture.

Outro: ?True,? by Spandau Ballet