Dan’s recent consecration of the world’s tallest timber building; Greg’s new gigs, and hotels to stay at while making them happen; the third space in a post-COVID world; update on the Durbin Renewal scandal in Chicago, and a preview of upcoming guests.

Intro/Outro: Super Sex by Morphine

Tall Timber:

Ascent, Milwaukee

Rocket & Tigerli, Winterthur, Switzerland

Atlassian Central, Sydney

Greg’s gig in NYC this week:

Patcraft– Shaw Industries, with:

Brad Hargraeves – Common

Evan Fain – Industrious

Boutique Hotels:

The Freehand N.Y.C.

The Standard L.A.

The Standard High Line N.Y.C.

The Ace Brooklyn

The Ace Portland – have a record player!

Why not the Nakagin Capsule Hotel?

Brooklyn Mirage(Bushwick / Ridgewood)

Brimfield Antique Flea Market – feeding ground for Roman & Williams-designed boutique hotels

Inside Amy Schumer Pretentious Hotel

McKinsey & Co NYC Taskforce to repurpose office space

Mary Ludgin, Heitman, Chicago taskforce

Durbin Renewal: Century and Consumers buildings

Greg’s new gigs

- Undisclosed fellowship, a.k.a. Pokemon NO!: Preparing cities for the metaverse, protecting real public space from virtual reality, unregulated disruptors, and more…

- Parag Khanna startup: Chief Communications Officer: Tool for modeling climate risk. Invest now in the climate-resilient regions of the world. The call is open for volunteers.

Are we living in Ready Player One or Snow Crash?